Seattle Scenery

There are many places you can work while travelling. You can stay at your hostel. You can go to a café. But let it be known that none of them will have the grandeur of the Seattle Public Library.

On the tenth floor of the Central building, from behind the saftey of the honeycomb window lattice, you can enjoy the ethereal imprint of the raindrops against the brusque geometry of the downtown skyscrapers.

When your workday is over, you can take a stroll down south and walk along the waterline.

The wooden piers creak quietly as the boats come in and out of the docks.

On the opposite side of the Space Needle, Kerry Park has some fantastic views of the skyline. From there, if you’re as entranced by industrial equipment as I am, you can walk a little bit further north towards Queen Anne Hill. Little roads and staircases coexist with grandiose mansions in this well-to-do neighborhood.

On the very top are three broadcast antennas, reaching towards the distant sky.

The walk back towards the water is quite beautiful, with the city unfurling right before your feet.

Next time: a visit to the university and a trip up a tower!


October 26, 2013