Seattle: You're Probably Tired of Seattle By Now

A week into my Seattle visit, I moved from the downtown City Hostel to the confusingly-named Hotel Hotel Hostel in the Fremont neighborhood. (The very same neighborhood I had visited with my friends a few days prior.) The streets were quiet and a little quirky, the nearby water gently lapped at the shoreline, and the smell of chocolate followed you down the street. It felt a little like being on vacation. (Of course, having a fantastic gastropub down the street helped. Did I mention I hate the word “gastropub”? It sounds like somewhere you go to cleanse your body of toxins. But I digress…)

I found myself on the same side of the canal as the University of Washington, one of my favorite university campuses. It was raining when I first visited many years ago, turning the entire Red Square into an enormous skyward mirror. The sun was defiantly shining this time around, but the architecture was no less spectacular.

Suzzallo Library

I spent maybe a little too much time wearing my metaphorical beret.

The Red Square monoliths.

Fortunately, a sign on the nearby wall helped ground me in my present reality.

Turned out the University had a wonderful foot trail that went right along the Montlake Cut, which connects Portage Bay and Lake Washington. I spent a while watching the boats ebb and flow beneath the nearby bridge.

Lots of people were out that day sailing and enjoying the weather.

As the coda to my Seattle adventure, I payed a visit to the Smith Tower. It might no longer be the tallest building in town, but it’s one of the oldest skyscrapers in the US, if the guides are to be believed. After taking a ride in a vintage elevator (operator and all!), I spent a lovely hour wandering around the airy observation deck and and soaking in the full panorama of the city, 400 feet above the ground.

All in all: great city, fast shipping, A+++, would visit again.

I couldn't figure out where to stick this photo in my narrative, so have it here.

Next: paying a visit to to the land of milk curds and honey gravy!


December 5, 2013